About a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2017

Ook dit jaar belooft The Dizzy DJ (echte naam Marco van Doorn) een jaarmix uit te brengen. Het is nog even wachten, maar dan heb je ook wat.

The 18th yearmix: about a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2017
Containing the best dancetracks of 2017. This year a bit slower then the years before 😉
Starting at 89 BPM en ending approx at 150 bpm

I am working on the yearmix 2017 for a few weeks. Its going fine and the one hour limit is nearby.
It’s for sure the yearmix will pass the one hour limit and will be longer than the other mixes you all know from me.

I will keep you all informed. If you want to broadcast the yearmix, then send me a mail to yearmix @ dizzydj.com.

About a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2017 Tweets


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