Hardcore Yearmix 2016 by DJSample7

DJ Sample7 stuurde ons zijn hardcore jaarmix in. Daar keken we stiekem al naar uit! De mix van 70 Minuten bestaat uit 105 beste hardcore tracks van 2016. Enjoy!

Hardcore Yearmix 2016 tracklist

000-Intro (Hardcore Yearmix 2016)
001-Mindustries – the Perfect Machine
002-Tymon – Fade to Black
003-G-Town Madness and Attic and Stylzz – Kick Ass
004-Metal Mafia – Final Exam
005-Promo – Authenticity
006-Alien T – I Hate Children
007-Mindustries – Other Dimensions
008-Neverlution – Spit Fire
009-Promo – the Vow
010-Rude Awakening – Staalplaat
011-Tymon – Instakill
012-E- Noid – Hellparty- Remastered
013-E- Noid – Mixmaster- Remastered
014-Architekton – Soulless Entity
015-Cemon Victa Ft. B1zz3r – Freqshow
016-Underdoggz – the Symbiont
017-Brutal Force – the Underground
018-Densha Crisis – Disfunctional Pattern
019-Menthalquake – Prison
020-Wavolizer – Forecast
021-System Shock – the Fear
022-System Shock – Bullets
023-Tymon – Crunch Time
024-Squaresoundz – Unforgotten
025-Strobcore – Black Magic
026-Freak on – Drop Your Weapon
027-Nitrogenetics – Break Free
028-Treachery and Heretik – Hard Like Thunder
029-Underdoggz – Absolute Evil
030-Miss Hysteria – Nyctophilia
031-Nitrogenetics – Release the Anger
032-The Fuze – I Will Bust You
033-The Fuze – Make the Club Go
034-Treachery and Heretik – Power (Black Magic 2016 Anthem Instrumental)
035-Tymon – Poison Hate
036-Paul Elstak – the Promised Land (The Viper Remix)
037-Dj Mad Dog – Call of Fury
038-Phoenix – Something Like This
039-Neophyte and Evil Activities with E-Life and Alee – Exodus (Official Exodus 2016 Anthem)
040-Neverlution – Tear the Booth Up
041-Angerfist and Radical Redemption – Order of Hostility (Official Airforce 2016 Anthem)
042-Bodyshock – the Gangsters Back
043-Crossfiyah – Dominate
044-D-Passion – Take Your Own Path
045-Decipher and Shinra – Fire and Blood
046-Destructive Tendences – Do You Bleed
047-Dirty Bastards – Tarantella
048-Dirty Bastards Ft Tha Watcher – Breaknecks
049-Enzyme X – Waffle Stomp (Full Dj MIX)
050-Korsakoff – Somnia
051-Lowroller – Futurebreed
052-Miss Hysteria – Damn the Dark (Mindustries Remix)
053-Miss K8 and MC Nolz – Raiders of Rampage (Official Moh 2016 Anthem)
054-Noize Suppressor and Tha Playah Ft. MC Nolz – Headshot
055-Predator and Catscan – Down with the Real
056-Re-Style – Fast Life
057-Re-Style and Bodyshock Ft. MC Nolz – Wild Sparks
058-Reevoid – the Rush
059-Rude Awakening – the Makers and the Owners
060-Ruffneck – I Am Death (Greyluke 1725)
061-Sei2ure – Massive on the Bass
062-Sei2ure – Vibrator
063-Sei2ure – the Judgement
064-Sei2ure and Trasher – Revolution
065-The Outside Agency – Deep Sleep
066-The Outside Agency – the Machinery of Death (Deathmachine Remix)
067-Evil Activities – God Damn Noise
068-Ohmicide and D-Mas – Blood Unity
069-Animal Tag & Naughty Kicks – Pass It
070-Animal Tag Ft. Da Mouth of Madness – Let the Bass Drop
071-Catscan Vs. Decipher – Masters
072-Crossfiyah – Gunfight
073-Dirty Bastards – Diving Down
074-Dyprax Ft MC Tha Watcher – Music in My Head (Free Festival Anthem 2016)
075-G-Ohm – New Order
076-Jimmy Hooligan – System of Pump (Noise MIX)
077-N-Vitral – the Ultimate Statement (Hardshock Festival 2016 Anthem)
078-Neophyte and D-Fence with Tim and Alee – Rammen
079-Nitrogenetics – Burned By the Dark
080-Predator and Triax – Savage
081-Section Grabuge Ft. Stargon – Blood Salt
082-Tha Playah – Get Hard
083-The Punisher and Neiko – From the Dark
084-The Unfamous and Drokz – Bring Some Beer
085-Noxize – the Nxz Anthem
086-Suicide Circle – Diffuse the Tension
087-D-Passion – Something for the Bitches
088-Dj Virulenz – Bad Mf
089-Jane Dark – Ascended
090-Nephilim – Crazy
091-Promo – Copy Paste
092-Sei2ure – Disfunction
093-Day-Mar and Icha – Black Flowers
094-Dyprax – Guerilla Games
095-Neophyte and Evil Activities – Alles Kapot (D-Fence Remix)
096-Noize Suppressor – Man on a Mission
097-The Melodyst – Not so Bad
098-The Melodyst – C.O.R.E.
099-Tommyknocker and Art of Fighters – Your Betrayal
100-Suicide Circle – Punk Mf
101-Angernoizer and Vandalsm – Peptalk
102-Hardcore Masterz Vienna & Klaut-G – Baddest Reputation
103-Hmv and Klaut-G – Have a Party
104-Masters of Noise & Sonic Ft. D-Vstor – Never Stop the Music
105-Masters of Noise & Sonic Ft. D-Vstor – Sounds of Destruction


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